Thursday, 28 June 2012

Should circumcision be by choice for boys?

Jewish and Muslim groups protested on Wednesday (27th/June/2012) after a German court banned the circumcision of young boys for religious reasons in the first ruling of its kind in the country. The court in the western city of Cologne handed down the decision on Tuesday in the case of a doctor prosecuted for circumcising a four-year-old Muslim boy who had to be treated two days later for post-operative bleeding.

It ruled involuntary religious circumcision should be made illegal because it could inflict serious bodily harm on people who had not consented to it. However the ruling, which applies only to the Cologne area, said boys who consciously decided to be circumcised could have the operation. No age restriction was given, or any more specific details.

Male circumcision (and in some cultures female) is a common religious and traditional rite in most African countries. However in recent times, some have described circumcision as 'grevious bodily harm' especially since the subjects have no say in the decision.

Should the need to be circumcised be a decision left for boys to take when they are of age and not for parents to make on their behalf?

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