Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Meet TAIYE SELASI - a writer and photographer, born in London, raised in the USA and of Nigerian/Ghanaian roots

Meet TAIYE SELASI, the 32-yer-old novelist praised by Salman Rushdie for her nover Ghana Must Go and on this year's Waterstones 11 list for first-time authors. She gave a reading last night at Watersones in the city of London. She ws watched by her mother Juliette, a pediatrician who works for a Bill Gates's clinics in Ghana.

"You'll find a musicality in the writing," said Taiye. "Every day my mother would give us something different to listen to. So there are different paces in the writing, allegro and so on."

Taiye Selasi is a writer and photographer of Nigerian and Ghanaian origin.

Source - The Evening Standard

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