Thursday, 19 June 2014

DJ ABASS says 'Love Doesn't Hurt' - A domestic violence campaign effort..

LOVE doesn't hurt. During the World Cup, police have noted an increase in the number of domestic violence incidents being reported. Your partner isn't responsible for the score.

DVUK.ORG is the online store for Domestic Violence UK CIC - a not-for-profit organization set up to provide information and support to victims of domestic and emotional abuse.

We do not receive any government funding or grants and relies solely on donations, good will and the sales of merchandise for funding our projects.We currently stock t-shirts, bags, stickers and there will be other products available soon.

We hope to raise more awareness on the issue of domestic and emotional abuse and all our profits will fund Domestic Violence UK's work inspiring hope in victims of abuse. By purchasing any item listed here you will be helping us:

1. Provide free telephone counselling sessions for people who are dealing with the effects of domestic and emotional abuse.
2. Maintain our online and text directory which allows people to find their nearest support organisation.
3. Produce and distribute our free online magazine which shares experiences and articles to inspire hope.

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