Monday, 30 January 2012


The Golden Bullet

It's very handy, light, battery operated and readily available online or at your local adult sex shop. It's called THE BULLET and it appears to be the African woman's newest best friend. (Pls don't ask me who conducted the survey o). In a conversation with a lady friend recently, i teased her about her 'no-boyfriend' status and she was very quick to say "I'm not bothered o! I have my reliable friend who will never jilt me. Haven't you heard of The Bullet?"

.... and this was not my first conversation with an African woman about The Bullet. Is there a male equivalent?? (**covers face**)!!


  1. Hmmm! All i know be say every bullet needs a gun!! Shikena!!

  2. lol... African women are getting bold by the day. Actually they have gone sky rocket while people still think they are timid. More than Half of them are into girl on girl now until someone close confides in you, you might not know your girlfriend has a secret girlfriend. So much for Africa's hipocracy. Abeg make dem carry go joor!

  3. Thank you Breeze! The amount of married/women in relationships I've met recently that are in girl on girl relationship or dating foreign men is unbelievable....
    I challenged a friend of mine about it and she said "what business has my boyfriend got with my girlfriend? they are two separate aspects of my life" LOL.

    Mr Abass as you said, there is no result of a survey here to judge if it's statistically significant or not? How do African women compare to women of other races or ethnicities??

  4. A chap on holiday from Naija recently joke in a wine bar that Jandon is full of blood suckers oldie who want to eat you alive. No wonder most of them dont want to come home because they will not fit into the society and beside who will go for a junk yard car when there is spankly new one in the show room. PLS London dude dont let outsider dis our woman give them face.


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