Sunday, 29 January 2012

Wanna buy a new toy for your girlfriend?? Try this!!!

The Blackberry Porsche P'9981
Ol'boy!! The time has come to separate small boys from big boys o. When you fit buy the new Blackberry P'9981 for your girlfriend, you are in the premier league of boyfriends (and i no mean West brom or Bolton). Sleek, chic and E-X-P-E-N-S-I-V-E!! Wanna know how much this will set you back?? Continue reading...
If you like your smartphones like you like your super cars, you’ll probably love the ridiculously sleek Blackberry Porsche P‘9981. Dressed in stainless steel and leather, this is one sexy looking phone. Sadly that’s where the good points of this phone seem to end.

Yes, there are some nice custom Porsche design fonts and icons on display, but that’s about as far as it goes. This is a purely cosmetic job, there isn’t a Porsche engine humming under this phone’s bonnet.


You get the standard Blackberry 7 OS, along with a 1GHZ processor, 5-megapixel camera that’s 720p HD video capable, and an NFC chip for wireless blackberry communication. These are all things we’re familiar with and frankly a little bored by.

Following on from Blackberry’s recent troubles, including the particularly annoying recent three day BBM outage it’s quite safe to say that, regardless of the fancy exterior on the Porsche P‘9981, Blackberry users aren’t going to get excited about anything less than the BlackBerry Colt, the BBX handset that’s slated for release next year.

If you are still interested in this metallic beast, you should first consider the small or rather large matter of its price. The Dubai unveiling should have been the first clue about the target market here; the BlackBerry Porsche P‘9981 will set you back £1,250, more than most people spend on their first cars.

When you consider that all you’re getting is a basic BlackBerry in a fancy suit it’s hard to justify such a hefty price tag.

Source: Gadget Wiki


  1. I've started saving up!! Hopefully before the end of the year it will HAPPEN!!!

  2. End of the year? Thats not funny!!!!

  3. Wow!!!! I'm thinking.... Am I big enof a boy to get this for her hmmmm. Pls DJA stop advertising this one ooo, don't bring d pressure on.. Lollll


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