Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Businesswoman loses £220,000 from grandmothers will for living in sin

Businesswoman Caroline Barrett, 28, spent that time co-habiting with her boyfriend before they married and has now lost her share of her Catholic grandmother’s fortune after a High Court dispute with her aunt and two  uncles. 
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Mrs Barrett had stood to inherit part of Bridget Murray’s estate when she died aged 87 in July 2010 under the terms of the matriarch’s last will, which was drawn up just months before she died.

But lawyers for Mrs Murray’s two sons, David and John Murray, and her daughter, Catherine Turk, have now persuaded a judge to correct their  mother’s will so that her granddaughter is ‘struck out’.

They argued Mrs Murray had vowed she would never include Mrs Barrett, of Basingstoke, Hampshire, in her will after she co-habited before getting married and that the clause in the will bequeathing her a share had been a mistake.

Judge Robert Miles QC ruled that the pensioner had indeed not intended Mrs Barrett, or her brother David Robertson, to benefit from her will and ordered  that it be rectified so they both were  removed as beneficiaries.

Judge Miles added: ‘It was a matter for Mrs Murray how she divided her  estate even if, on one view, it might not have been particularly fair, or even  capricious.’

Source: The Met

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