Thursday, 2 February 2012


Pregnant woman

An incident happened in my teenage years that always puzzled me until i became a 'man' and understood life a bit more. A man living on my street then in Lagos, Nigeria threw out his tenant and 'occupied' or  started dating the man's pregnant partner. I later started hearing similar stories of men dating pregnant women (single or married) in varying circumstances. 

Many would argue that dating a married woman is one thing and dating a pregnant married woman is another. However, would you date 'single' pregnant woman (and before you all start asking, a woman can be pregnant and single -Yels). 


  1. Of course a woman can be pregnant and single..This is very interesting subject because when i was pregnant myself, i became single before knowing that i was expecting. Anyway what baffled me at the time was the numbers of toasters i was getting. Even after telling them about my situation. they didnt see it as an obstacle...(so long i was single)

    As a woman im not sure if its morally right to be dating a guys whilst carrying a baby in ur womb from another guy. I'll rather wait till the baby is born.

  2. As long as both parties are willing and are ready to face the societal consequencies - noooooo wahaala

  3. morally, the lady in question should wait until the baby is born before ''dating'' another guy, friendship is ok

  4. Dating is not sex. Too many people get the two confused. There should be nothing wrong with getting to know someone, enjoying their company and living your life. I'm sure the baby's father doesn't put his life on hold because he knocked someone up if they're not together.


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